Minato Adventure (Minato) enables store businesses to utilize highly specialized consulting team members in franchise and licensing industry.

Minato is not a company to create strategy planning only, but a company to deliver practical, execution oriented service delivery.

Multi-store strategy advisory

Support agile store development planning

Franchise Strategy Advisory

Create Japan market specialized franchise and licensing model, Support marketing for attracting franchisees in Japan

Uniqueness of Minato Adventure

1. Quality & Agility

Minato never use external outsourcing companies for committing quality and agility. This contributes less project fee and agile delivery.

2. Independent

Minato is completely independent firm from any financial companies, consulting companies and businesses.
Minato has extensive network with accounting companies, venture capitals for assisting clients’ future move. Each advisory service delivers with non-disclosure agreement.

3. Result Reward Model

Minato minimizes ambiguous fee structure such as “planning fee” or “initial fee”. Most advisory fee are based on result reward model.

Specialties of Minato

Minato Adventure
・Business management and property experience for store business growth

・Analytical approach by each industry, each business

・Result Reward fee structure, relativity inexpensive from fixed price model

Property Agent, Franchise Agent, Advertisement Agent
・Plenty of property information however less store business experience. Therefore, difficult to say Go or No-Go for store launch.

・Plenty of existing franchise program information, however less expertise of new franchise model creation and program pitfalls.

・Plenty of advertisement experience however less experience of store management and business operation.

Major Consulting Companies
・Plenty of management expertise, less expertise and less experience in franchise and store business.

・Expensive fixed fee structure, regularly project fee exceeds 100K USD.

Quadrant Analysis