Who we are

Most small and medium store business owners face difficulty in business because of insufficient resources. Minato Adventure (Minato) accompanies business owners and executives who take risk for further business expansion in store business field.

Japan is the 3rd largest store business market in the world with high service level, matured business market, and severe competition.
Minato accompanies business owners at early stage with result reward compensation model, therefore no need to use “high fixed price advisory companies.

Partnering with Minato mixes Business Owner’s business expertise and Minato’s industry advisory expertise for future growth in Japan and Asia Pacific market.

Takashi Kawamura
Chief Executive Office, Principal Consultant
Minato Adventure Co.,Ltd.

Company Profile

Company nameMinato Adventure Co.,Ltd.
Business contentsRetail, food and beverage services management strategy Advisory Services
Office(head office)Yusen Bldg 1st floor, 2-3-2 Marunouchi, Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo, 100-0005, JAPAN
DirectorChief Executive Officer Takashi Kawamura
Chief Operating Officer Ayaka Sone

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